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Информация о издательстве M. & B. N., Moriz & Barschall, Neukoelln

M. & B. N., Moriz & Barschall, Neukoelln

M. & B. Neukoelln logo, Berlin O17 Logo sans “N”. The third version with a “R” instead “N” has been found now. It was used until Jan. 27, 1912 and stood for the Berlin district Rixdorf which was then renamed into Neukoelln. So the M. & B. R. logo cards always date from pre-1912 years.

Specialised in: picture postcards / greetings cards, after WW1 many other articles like calendars, paper mugs (!), packaging printing etc.

Notes: Georg Moriz and G.F. Barschall took over the long-established (1842) but suffering deluxe Paper manufacturer Carl Hellriegel A.G. in 1907. Hellriegel had been specialised already in picture / greetings card as well as poster printing. The entire business was modernised and the company moved to Neukoelln, then a suburb of Berlin (became part of Berlin City in 1920). After 1925 the firm moved into a factory in Berlin O 17. Sole owner by 1921 was G. Moriz. The company of M&B was wound up in 1935. The later M&B logo is sometimes mistaken to stand for Meissner & Buch, Leipzig.
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