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Информация о издательстве O.S.B., Otto Schloss, Berlin

O.S.B., Otto Schloss, Berlin

Graphische Anstalt Otto Schloss; Otto Schloss KG

Address: Berlin: (1899-1905) Dresdenerstr. 34.35; (1906) Alexanderstr. 31; (-c. 1916) Magazinstr. 15-16; (1917-24) Blumenstr. 89


Best known logo was the OS on printing stone; later some cards show the O.S.B. inside shield logo. Said to be a 3rd logo version around, in ‘padlock’ shape.

Specialised in:

Any type of (quality) greeting postcards, also art reproductions. Probably many other articles printed by chromolithography process.

Notes: Otto Schloss first mentioned as co-owner of a cotton jersey underwear factory. Then running a ‘picture factory’ (S. Block), before starting his fine art printing business (postcard factory). Family business. Moved into own 4-storey factory building with art nouveau decorations in 1906. Took over the Schwenke business (‘Tannenzweig’) in 1909. Moved out by late 1916, factory sold in 1918. O. Schloss worked in the paper wholesaling trade in the following years.
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