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Информация о издательстве O.G.Z.-L., Otto Gustav Zehrfeld, Leipzig

O.G.Z.-L., Otto Gustav Zehrfeld, Leipzig

Otto Gustav Zehrfeld, Leipzig, O.G.Z.-L.

O. G. Zehrfeld were fine art publishers. Besides many art (reproduction) postcards (also some with greetings imprints), they offered a variety of art prints (full service with own framing dept/ frame factory), were big in silhouettes which were quite popular in the 1920’s and general art articles.

Notes: Otto Zehrfeld is first mentioned in trade register by mid 1909. He opened a bookshop and publishing business (bookshop for Germans abroad) and was authorised representative for “Geiser & Gilbert”, a German book, art and music business from Yokohama, Japan. The exact date when O.G.Z started to publish art cards is unclear yet. I have not seen any p/u cards of pre-WW1 date. Zehrfeld appears to had been quite successful, even in general bad economic times. – Otto Gustav Zehrfeld died on 3 January 1931 in the age of 48 years.  
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