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Информация о издательстве E.L.D., E.Le Deley, Paris

E.L.D., E.Le Deley, Paris

E. Le Deley (1900-1930) Paris, France.
Photographer Ernest Louis Desire Le Deley was a major publisher of heliotype postcards around a wide variety of subjects from art cards to views of France and North Africa, and propaganda. The Deley family were well known throughout France for their publishing work. Deley produced a noted set of black & white postcards documenting the Western Front of the First World War. While most of these images were reproduced photographically there were also cards of illustrated battle scenes. These cards were printed with both French and English text to appeal to the many British but especially American soldiers fighting in France. Many of these cards were printed after the war. The firm went bankrupt in 1930.  
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