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Информация о издательстве PELUBA, Peter Luhn, Barmen

PELUBA, Peter Luhn, Barmen

PELUBA. Peter Luhn from the city of Barmen (since 1930 part of Wuppertal) was an interesting businessman, and the company named after him produced many millions of (subject) postcards. Born in 1869 he started in early years (c. 1884) already a small kitchen-table printing business of his own, with a tiny hand press which he soon managed to improve for better performance. From 1889-1891 P. Luhn was head of the book printing dept. of C.C. Georgi, Aachen. After his army days Luhn became head of the book printing dept. of C.G. Roeder, Leipzig for a couple of years. He worked on electric drive for single presses, automatic sheet fed apparatus and many other technical improvements.

Most common is the “Star” logo arranged by 2 triangles - the early form with name arranged inside which proved to be not practically. The first logo version was registered in Sept. 1897. The follow-up PELUBA word trademark was used from c. 1924 onwards. These two major logo’s are shown above in title.  
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